1 year on… was it worth it?

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So those of you that know me are aware that last year I decided to start studying for a master’s degree in Cloud Computing (part-time alongside starting a new job!) and many of you have asked me how it’s going and whether I think it’s been worth it so I thought I’d write a short blog post to share my thoughts.

Many of my friends thought I was (ever so slightly) crazy for deciding to go back to studying not only because I already have a relatively busy schedule but also because when I did my undergrad degree I constantly moaned about how difficult (& boring!) I found it! So I must admit when I started I did feel a little worried…!

“It requires 6 hours of lectures per week (4 hours in one evening 6-10pm plus 2 hours on another evening) as well as coursework and extra reading/study so it certainly wasn’t easy on my (non-existent) social life.”

The first semester was definitely the most difficult, adapting to change plus lectures every week from Sept through to Dec (the second semester had an Easter break which made a huge difference!). For my slightly more technical readers if you are interested you can read about the program here .

So apart from it ruining my social life, how did it find it?

I must admit during studying for my exams and some VERY late nights writing my coursework I very much regretted signing up to it! However, looking back at the last year I’m VERY pleased I did it! I learnt a huge amount, many of the concepts I was able to apply to my job immediately (very different to my undergrad!) and more importantly it was actually up to date! The content was relevant to what is happening in the industry today… very different to when I was studying my undergrad in ‘Computer Science’ at Bath University which in my opinion was very traditional.

… and will it make a difference to my career?

This is the question still to be answered! I’ve been able to apply some of the knowledge I’ve gained to my day-to-day job so of course I hope it’s influenced my ability and skills to do my job… which over the coming years will hopefully influence my progression…

Still another year to go though!

Yep… unfortunately still another year of “pain” for me! I was very happy to have got 79% overall for my first year! So I’m nervous about my second year as I’m hoping to maintain my good grades but I also know that both my work and personal life is going to much busier than last year so this is going to be a challenge. Please do wish me luck….

So overall….

Yes it was horrible, yes it meant I had no social life but what I was learnt was relevant and hopefully will influence my career… so wish me luck! My dissertation is going to be focused on “The challenges of adopting PaaS” so if you are interested in this topic watch this space 🙂

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