2010…What will this year bring?

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As much as I usually hate Facebook Apps & the annoying notifications I did quite like the idea of a 2009 photo collage 🙂 It really was a great year, just went far too quickly!!!

Happy New Year to anyone reading this 🙂 After staying in last night due to my mean cold for once I’m not actually hungover on the 1st day of the year! I’m now feeling well enough to be a bit bored 😉 so thought i’d write my first post of the new decade (is it really a new decade? It seems there are differing opinions on this one …)

Anyway… New Years Resolutions, anyone set any? This year I thought I’d think about what I want to do instead…

  • Run a half marathon in under 2 hours (Got 3 booked for 2010 already so fingers crossed i’ll make this one!)
  • Work (slightly) less … lol
  • Get better at tennis 🙂
  • Sign up to London Marathon 2011 (4 more attempts until I’m guaranteed a place 😉 – still not sure i’ll make it but hey it’s worth a try!)
  • Keeley will like this one…. Clean more often 😉
  • and of course… have fun 🙂

What about the rest of you? Any resolutions? Goals? 🙂

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