Are you a “lucky” person?

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I recently attended a presentation on leadership – a lot of really inspiring things came out of this but one story really caught my attention; read on if your interested in learning about the type of person you are and what opportunities you might be missing …

Some people consider themselves to be a “lucky” person and others really think of themselves as being unlucky in life. So if you were to take one of each of these types of people and put them in exactly the same situation, would one be luckier than another? Ok so the situation is that each person will go into a coffee shop, when they arrive there are a few tables all of which already have people sitting at them (but the table is not completely full).
So the person who considers themselves to be unlucky walks into the coffee shop and orders his drink, he looks for somewhere to sit but can’t find anywhere so instead just stands at the side by himself. The lucky person walks in, as soon as he steps in the door he notices a ¬£5 note on the floor – so he picks it up (bearing in mind that this was on the floor the whole time) he then goes and orders his coffee, he looks around and see’s that there is an empty space on a table, he polity asks whether the gentlemen wouldn’t mind if he sat there. A few minutes later they start a conversation, by the end of the conversation the gentlemen turned out to be a potential customer. He arranged to meet again and consequently made a sale.
So with exactly the same situation and surroundings two very different outcomes. I found this example fascinating; you don’t realise just how much your actions determine the outcome of your day. You are the one that decides whether you are lucky, having a positive mental attitude is all that’s needed.
“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” – so tomorrow when you leave the house think of yourself as a lucky person, don’t waste the opportunities you have!

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