Awful customer service from sky!

By Wednesday, July 7, 2010 0 Permalink 0

Has anyone ever had any issues with sky customer service? We are having never ending problems!

It’s going to be 6 weeks from when we first signed up to when we finally get internet (yes you read that right SIX weeks!) not only do they take forever but they lie about it too! We were told that after installation we would get our phone & Internet 10 dats later yet here we are with still none & paying!!!! After a long phone call we were told that we weren’t going to get it for another month & that we needed to be in – which they did not tell us originally!

They clearly do not have a CRM system since they booked us a date for phone installation which we amended & when we phoned later they had no record of it! After another 10 min wait they decided they did know about it. To make matters worse when trying to cancel our movies package they decided to try & sell us broadband & phone…. Keeleys response was “don’t get me started” I mean come on surely they should know what our package is!!!!! This phone call alone was 20 minutes to an 0845 number… We’ve probably been on the phone to them (mostly on hold!) for over an hour over the last week … It should be free, it’s ridiculous !!!!

I could go on… We’ve had more issues but won’t bore anyone reading any more lol

In summary if u have a choice DO NOT choose sky!!!! So has anyone else had similar issues?

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