Backup… Totally worth it!

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I nearly lost 10 years worth of data (& I work for a company that sells backup solutions!) NEVER under estimate the importance of having a backup!!!!

… and I don’t just mean 1-copy, I had a backup of my data on an external hard-drive but I somehow managed to drop this at the same time as my 7 year old MacBook decided to give up the goose! Could just be bad luck but it certainly made me realise how important it is to BACKUP your personal data! I was gutted when I realised I nearly lost 10 years worth of photo’s, personal videos and files! Can you imagine if you lost all of your’s? You don’t realise the importance of your data until this happens!

I was fortunate enough to have a 3rd copy of my data (although on VERY old hard-drives that I nearly threw out!!), these hard drives wouldn’t even switch on! I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine who helped me break open the drive and re-set the head… (for my non-technical readers that’s the pointy thing over the spinning disk!)


Power went on (nearly setting fire to the office first time…!) and it sounded horrific… scratching and squealing, I still can’t quite believe that I managed to get the majority of my data off of this thing!!!

Not everyone has a copy, or 3 copies… or even someone they know who can help them rescue their data!! So YOU MUST consider how you will feel if this happens to you. I was LUCKY, but will you be???!!

So for my non-technical readers you want to know how you can EASILY backup your personal files? My advice is USE THE CLOUD

Unfortunately as much as this is a buzzword, it is actually a useful thing! I have now uploaded all of my personal data into OneDrive (impressively they give you 1TB capacity with an Office 365 subscription), however you can also just pay for OneDrive space without having Office365 subscription, or you can also use GoogleDrive. DropBox or many others that exist out there. Based on my experiences I would HIGHLY recommend considering this…. storage is extremely cheap these days. Just consider…

How much is your personal data worth to you???

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