Can you imagine a life without technology?

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I remember the days of dial-up intbigstock-Business-technologies-today-43292197-300x200ernet, a basic mobile phone and film-based camera’s ! Reflecting back I realise that today I take technology for granted, I never bother to look at a physical map (I just ask my iPhone to give me directions!), I’m impatient when my 50MB podcast takes longer than 10 seconds to download and I can’t even remember the last time I watched TV live (Netflix and TiVo all the way!)

It’s not just me …. and in fact those younger than me don’t even have anything to compare to! My nieces learnt to use a tablet device as soon as they started talking, even my sister (9 years younger than me) has had internet her entire life!

This made me reflect how important technology is to the way we all live and work today… and actually it made me smile because I realised that I absolutely made the right decision to start a career in IT! 🙂 it underpins everything! IT is everywhere and in every industry! Technology enables us to lead a different (better?) life,  now we can chose where we eat, what we buy, even what plumber we employ within seconds and using thousands (if not millions!) of reviews to help us! … and what about at work, can you imagine life without instant messaging, mobile access and manual calculations?! I can’t!!

This made me realise how much I love what I do, I’ve been able to take my hobby and make it something I do everyday. For the majority of business’s today it is technology that defines their success…if this is right surely that means I could not have chosen a better career path??? Technology is always evolving, I can never get bored, there is always something new to learn! … and you never know one day maybe I’ll be at the forefront of change rather than learning a new technology someone else has developed 😉

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