Do we really care about the real time web?

By Wednesday, August 4, 2010 0 Permalink 0

Real Time web was a huge topic at the start of the year but recently the hype seems to have gone down … apart from following our friends or particular topics we are interested in does anyone care about trending topics? I mean do you ever look at or use sites such as and

Right now I don’t understand the value, I mean do you care that there is trending topic discussing reasons you can’t be in a relationship with someone. It just seems mad, I book marked some of these sites a while back & every now and again I flick to it but I have never once seen anything useful. Have any of you really made the most of real time web like this? Got any good examples of sites other than the standard facebook, twitter etc? How do you use them? Whats useful to know? Be interesting to hear your thoughts

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