Google Chromes Extensions

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Do any of you still use Chrome? Or after the initial fuss reverted back to Firefox…? Well I stayed with Chrome & love it! It’s super fast, it’s ‘clean’ & clutter free 🙂 I can’t stand all the rubbish you get in IE!

Recently they added the extensions capability which so far I’ve found really useful (both at work and home!) I know Firefox has similar capabilities but I personally prefer Chrome! I’ve been trying out a few.
  • I love the simple ones like Google tasks which I use as my electronic to-do list at work and I sync it with my iPhone too… you never know where you might be when you need to check your list!
  • I also installed the Delicious extension, Although I tried out social bookmarking a while ago I never really used it very often, mainly because it was too much effort to go to the site, log in etc… Now I can just tag a site when reading it. Awesome! and now much easier for me to track & group sites 🙂
  • Facebook extension! lol… no longer need to have the page open! (looks better at work too :p haha)
  • URL shortner (great for tweets!)
  • google docs… always useful! No longer need a USB drive, this is where i now access and share everything to and from work & friends!
  • IE Tab….very useful at work for testing websites during development!
What about everyone else? What extensions do you find useful?

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