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Did you know that when your presenting your audience will remember 70% of the start, 20% of the middle of your presentation and 100% at the end…. that means that during the “meat” of your presentation your audience will forget 80% of it!!

So it was interesting to learn about how to grab & keep your audience’s attention throughout your presentation. I thought i’d share some of the interesting points i’ve learnt….
  • Word plays: bring your audience into the message, making it more personal to them will help them stay focused. For example use phrases such as “what if you…”
  • Props: I laughed when I first head about this but it is fascinating & can be really impactful if it works well. You can also leave your prop behind reminding your audience of the point you made

  • Mini drama’s: Tell a story… give a scenario or day in the audience’s life. This works effectively in sales if you then repeat the scenario but with the new product /process you are selling.
  • Number plays: If you have some meaningful numbers that you want to share with your audience rather than just adding them into powerpoint why not use a flip chart / whiteboard. You can write the number’s out in advance and then during your presentation add the context to the numbers… writing them in real-time will make them more impactful to your audience.
There were a few more – but these were the most interesting. Do you have any good suggestions you want to share? Any success stories?

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