“Information Technology” – This term is outdated!!

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Whenever I meet someone new or talk to my non-technical friends and family… when I tell them that I work in “IT” I always get “that look” where you know they are picturing a geek sat in front of a massive screen all day! … and by the way I’m not even kidding as it’s been admitted (it wasn’t just from the look they gave me!)

What I didn’t understand was why… my job is NOTHING at all like the nerdy IT stereotype! I can’t even start to explain to my family what I do, their opinion is solely based on the stereotype and when talking to their friends they describe my job as “something to do with computers”!

But WHY is this the case??!!

Their perception of “IT” has always been the same, but technology moves SO FAST! Even something that was correct last month (or even last week!) isn’t the case today!

I’ve now been working in the IT industry for 8 years & even in this (relatively) short time things have changed SO MUCH (this is exactly why I LOVE working in this industry… no one day is ever the same and there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to learn about!).. so for those not working in the industry why is it so difficult to understand the true impact of technology?

My view…

The term “Information Technology” was first introduced a LONG time ago and even though the basic concept is the same the use and value of technology is dramatically changed over the years (even over the period I have worked in the industry). So I might be completely crazy but in my opinion I think the term “IT” needs to be updated!!! …… but to what? It’s generally shorted to “Technology” which I do think is better however the industry itself needs a “REBOOT” … 😉

I want to be seen as modern, I want to seen as an innovator, I want to be seen as driving change, making an impact, being an enabler to business success (which ultimately means enabling a business to grow and be profitable!) – but how? In the “IT” industry we need to be aligned with a business agenda!

but working in “IT” I’m seen as a barrier, as a difficult person to work with…. but ultimately as a ‘geek’ who doesn’t understand business goals. HELP ME… HOW DO I CHANGE THIS PERCEPTION?

In my view we need to UPDATE the industry term… I’d love to hear your thoughts, agree? disagree? what could the “IT” industry be re-named to??



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