Leading a Digital Life

By Sunday, May 26, 2013 0 Permalink 0

Although I am starting to become known as ‘Gadget Girl’ when I look around I see it’s not just me leading a “digital life”, every day I see more and more aspects of my everyday life becoming bound to technology (…and the fact that you are reading this means your the same!).

We are all woken up by some form of technology (whether this be an alarm clock, a phone or my instance an ‘Up’ jawbone band which slowly vibrates to wake you up gradually) – we all start our day by looking at any alerts on our phone (it would be interesting to know if there is anyone reading this where this isn’t the case). For me personally I cannot imagine life without my gadgets… phones / tablets / digital readers / music players / GPS trackers / game consoles / media players – the list is becoming endless!

The interesting discussion is how we are becoming more ‘glued’, more reliant on technology to the point where if a gadget were to go wrong it would impact or change something we would do in our day. For example I personally listen to music and track my runs using an app on my phone (not got a GPS watch just yet!) but if my phone were out of battery or there was an issue with the app its very likely I would delay running. This is nuts, I cannot imagine doing this 5 years ago!! Or even something as simple as an alarm clock failing (this must have happened to everyone surely?). Is this just me? Or this really becoming a reality? Looking to the future I wonder how much more technology can rule our lives, so much is already possible but not readily available or used (e.g. a fridge tracking what you have used and automatically ordering for you), is this because we are reluctant to let technology rule our lives, is leading a completely digital life possible?

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