London Marthon 2009…Making me feel like getting back into running!

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Today I was watching the London Marthon from Canary Wharf just past the 30KM marker. It really was a great atmosphere with huge noise levels!! We arrived pretty early so was lucky enough to get up to the bars which was a great spotting point!! (Even spotted one celebrity! Nell McAndews) Unfortunately any of my friends I saw I was too interested in shouting their name than taking pictures ! But a HUGE well done to all my friends and collegues that ran it today!

By about 1:30pm I started to lose my voice and my hands started to ache (I know it’s sounds terrible when those poor people have just ran nearly 19 miles!!!!!) Anyway we then went for a wonder and I was shocked to see just how little supporters there are a few miles later 🙁 it went from huge amounts of noise to bearly any supporters!¬†
Seeing this today reminded me how much fun I had running the Reading Half & reminded me I really need to get back out and run again…. maybe one day i’ll have the guts to try the London! It would be an amazing experience!!!

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