Marathon Training begins…

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Eeeek… the start of 2014 means the start of Marathon training! I’m both excited & nervous! I really enjoy long distance running so the training will be “fun” but you put so much into training for just one day… where it could all go wrong! (Just my luck I will end up with a cold on the day!)

I’ve now been running for a number of years but as this is my first full marathon I have decided to run it for a charity – The Riding for the Disabled Association. For anyone reading this I would really love your support in spreading the word… please share my post and if you can please do consider donating (every little WILL make a difference).

RDA rely entirely on voluntary help & donations to enable them to deliver their services which improve the lives of thousands of disabled people across the UK. RDA provides them with education, therapy & enjoyment whether that be through freedom of movement, gaining confidence, building relationships, receiving life-enhancing physiotherapy or achieving individual goals.

After visiting one of the groups I saw and realised just how valuable these lessons & organised events are. I heard some amazing stories from volunteers including some where an individuals life has been turned around by the support and services offered by RDA (& their family). I also saw just how much the charity relies on charitable donations and volunteer’s time & effort – I was surprised to learn that at least 20-30 volunteers give up their time each week at just one group!

I will use my blog to share how my training is going, the fun, the pain, the rain, the mud, the wind, the ice, the roads, the forest!! So come back and see how I’m doing!


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