The highs & lows of marathon training

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I officially started my marathon training at the beginning of Jan; although I am a keen runner I have never ran a full marathon so these past few months have certainly been a challenge for me. With flooding, torrential rain (one time we had to literally climb around some fencing to get through a flood!), icy roads (nearly slipping over on my first long run!) and strong winds it certainly hasn’t be an easy ride. However I absolutely love running and I can’t imagine not being able to hit the streets after a stressful day! Running feels amazing, you have the chance to completely switch off and relax while the world goes by – I feel like a different person when I get home. I’m fortunate to be part of a running club and so all my long runs have been with others – this makes a massive difference as you get past the half marathon distance. We (or should I say I) LOVE to chat during the long runs, half the time you don’t even realise your running, we have shared ghost stories, remembered nursery rhymes and shared experiences of what initially got us into running and hints/tips for crossing the finish line!

However just when I thought everything was going well I get an injury! About 3 weeks ago now during a 20mile run to Virgina Waters I somehow managed to pull my peroneal tendon, I was absolutely gutted after all my hard work. I was in a lot of pain to the point where I even struggled to walk so I honestly thought that was it, it’s so hard to describe that feeling of disappointment when you’ve put so much into training (and you’re running it for a charity!). Your whole life revolves around marathon training… every single weekend you have a 6:30am alarm, at least 2-3 nights a week of training and I personally also decided to give up alcohol. I got advice and the first thing I was told was REST, REST & more REST…! I was given some strengthening exercises and did some cross training, after 2.5 weeks of rest I decided to give it a go and went on a SLOW 12mi run and felt no pain – it was such a relief! Again I cannot describe how good it felt to be back out there.

Another week later and I ran just over 20miles (at a slower pace) but again no pain – this weekend I’m running the Cranleigh 21 mile race and I’m hoping to get back to my 9:00-9:15 min/mi training pace (wish me luck!). After this I will start tapering and bringing my mileage down. I’m excited but at the same time nervous, it really is a huge part of my life right now (sorry to those of you that are bored of me talking about it) but I want to thank everyone not only for your financial contributions to the charity but also for your support and putting up with my moaning and constant chatting about it!

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