The world of IT is changing

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What I love about working in the world of technology is that it is ever changing; it is a never ending learning curve and there is always something new and exciting to learn about – you will never get bored! An interesting observation I’ve recently had is how graduates perceive IT careers; from discussions I’ve had it is clear that the majority of students still consider the world of IT to be very a technical engineering based route (& in fact it still can be if that is what you want) but there is so much more opportunity to explore.

In fact the majority of IT roles are actually going in the opposite direction, with the ever increasing use of cloud services IT professionals no longer need to be burdened with the details of the physical infrastructure, technical architecture or even OS or software installations – the only concerns should be access and availability to the services being consumed. Now what’s interesting is how this impacts an IT professional and their career path through the ever changing IT landscape, there are obvious concerns that people will lose their jobs (and that there will be less roles available in the first place) but in my personal opinion this is not the case and in fact its an opportunity to align your skillset and passion to the right place.

Working for a vendor rather than a specific industry I have the opportunity to meet with many organizations going through this wave of change, as cloud services become more of a reality IT professionals are questioning their responsibilities. I see some who are nervous and try to hold-back the decision whereas others are excited and passionate about the change, they have an opportunity to influence and be part of that shift… but what happens after the transition, after services are running from the cloud? Well this obviously depends on the size of the organization and what cloud services are running but I’ve had this discussion many times and it’s really interesting to hear different prospectives.

Some use this as an opportunity to become an influencer within their organization; the shift helps the IT professional learn more about how the services truly impact their organizations business objectives – It is no longer about the HOW, its now about the WHY. Having deep business knowledge coupled with technical skills is invaluable; your opinion becomes crucial in any business decision and can really help you become a strong influencer and move up the career ladder.

I’ve spoken with other IT professionals who want to stay very technical and use this shift as an opportunity to move into a vendor role. Those individuals that I have personally spoken with are very happy and excited by the new opportunity, it has given them that “push” they needed to reach out and look for new roles within a vendor and technology set that they are very passionate about anyway.

An IT career has many paths & choices and the continual waves of change are absolutely a positive thing; after all we all knew that when we entered the world of IT? 🙂


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