Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator

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Don’t you just feel like time is just flying past us, I cannot believe that 2012 is coming to an end already! The years are flying past me and it still hasn’t sunk in that i’m now in my late twenties… with this in mind I think it is worth reflecting on the previous year and having an idea of what you want to do/see/have/achieve in the next year otherwise time will fly by and before you know it it’s too late to do what you wanted!

My 2012 in a nutshell

Completed Reading 1/2 marathon in <2 hours, moved in with boyfriend, passed two exams (TOGAF and Cloud Architect), threw out my massive collection of train tickets (those of you know that know me well will understand how difficult this was haha!), car crashed into, best friends hen/wedding, got caught in Olympic traffic, cycled 45 miles, too many ear infections and an operation to fix it! Finally finished the year by running 77.7km just in the month of Dec!

Ok so for 2013

After reading the most useful book to date “The 5 choices to extraordinary productivity” I want this to be the year where I make those 5 choices everyday.

For anyone that hasn’t read the book (definitely worth a read if you haven’t!):
1. Act on the important, don’t react to the urgent
2. Go for the extraordinary, don’t settle for for the ordinary
3. Schedule the big rocks, don’t sort the gravel
4. Rule the technology, don’t let it rule you
5. Fuel your fire, don’t burn out

This is my year of extraordinary productivity; 2013 will be a success, not because I plan to do more than I do now but because I’m learning that time does fly by and I want to have time for the “Big Rocks” and this will only happen if I change the way I am and work today! Wish me luck 🙂

“Extraordinary productivity is not about time management, its about managing your decisions, attention and energy”

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