Visiting my hometown Newquay

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Last week I went back to my home town Newquay in Cornwall. It felt strange being back where I grew up (and remembering just how lucky I was being so close to the beach and fantastic views!).ÔøΩ

During my time there I went cycling along the Camel Trail, it really does have some amazing views. I’ve uploaded a few pics to my Picasa albumn (¬† ) but they aren’t great quality as I was attempting to take them on my iPhone whilst cycling lol.¬†
Whilst I was there I had a bit of spare time so took the opportunity to get back into running (I hadn’t ran since the Reading half marathon!) It was great to have views of the coast much more interesting than main roads that I’m used to! ¬†
I didn’t do a lot else, wondered down the beach, caught up with some of my friends and went out one evening (and wow Newquay nightlife has gone very quiet!!). I also went to visit my brothers new house, he has twins on the way so was lucky enough to get a nice 2-bed house on the outskirts of Newquay. He’s been working very hard to turn the “shell” into a house :-)¬†
Going back always reminds me of old times. As all of my close friends still live in the area, sometimes I think about whether I would ever return. . . but hey I think I’ve changed a lot since going to university not only would I never find a job in Cornwall but I think I’m a different person to those around me in my hometown. A weeks worth of discussions about engagements, weddings & babies was enough for me!! A loooong time til I’m there ;-p lol

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