Volunteering at a local school in Basingstoke

By Sunday, June 28, 2009 0 Permalink 0

I’ve recently signed up to mentor Maths & ICT to year 10 students at a specalist school for children with learning difficulties (Obviously supported by the company I work for since it’s in work hours 🙂 ). After visiting the school last week I’m really looking forward to meeting my student & getting started in September 🙂

The school looks amazing, very small and it seems every child gets a personalised education and the support that they need. Last week I went to visit the school and heard a little more about what my role as mentor would entail – so i’ll get allocated one child who i’ll always work with when I’m there and i’ll go along to their lessons with them providing them with 1:1 support.
It’s seems extremly flexible, they have a Maths lesson everyday so I can pretty much chose whenever I want to go – I’m hoping to deadicate a couple hours every fornight. I was surprised to hear that they are short of volunteers (Any other Lilly people interested?? Still not too late to sign up since we don’t start till Sept!). I thought this was a great opportunity and I would have thought a lot of people would like to get experience like this!! I’m really looking forward to it!! Will no doubt blog my experiences throughout 🙂

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