Are wearable gadgets on the rise?

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I’ve now been using the Nike+ FuelBand for a couple weeks; for those of you reading that haven’t come across this gadget before it tracks your all-day activity (and encourages you to be more active!). Some of the things it tracks includes how long you have been active, number steps taken, number of calories burnt and how far you have walked/ran.

(Take a look at the website if you want to see more:


I’ve personally found this a great way to track your day to day activity and gives you a great overall view of your full day (can also look at analysis for the week/month/year) however the first thing to note is that it isn’t accurate for tracking distance so if you want to measure your running activity I would recommend using a GPS device (I personally use the Nike+ app).

At the end of each day your activity is translated into NikeFuel, this becomes the ultimate measure of your activity and helps you compare (or compete!) against your friends. Nike’s idea was to try and make being active fun and with the social integration add some competition! For me personally I actually only have 2 friends! It seems wearable gadgets aren’t yet well used (at least in the UK – I think these bands are slightly more well known/used within the US). Could it be simply be due to lack of advertising? I first saw this in the Apple store!

So my thoughts… I love it, it’s a perfect way to motivate yourself to be more active. The goal setting (can be done on a daily basis – set the evening before) provides you with a bit more incentive; it even gives you little awards when you meet or exceed your goals. The band itself is unisex and is small enough to not look out of place (or too geeky!) on a day to day basis. Overall I think it’s a great way to measure your overall day and get a good view of your lifestyle.

I can see how this would be useful to people trying to lose weight – however it does have a reasonably hefty price tag (¬£129) so in my opinion¬†it’s probably only sports enthusiasts that would end up buying one. Do I think it’s worth the money? Honestly… probably not & I think it is the price that is responsible for the very few friends I have! Wearable gadgets aren’t yet the norm but if the price were to be reduced I think there would be a greater uptake of devices such as this… and of course with the recent Google glasses announcement it won’t be long until more wearable devices will arrive into the market and I’m excited to see what other benefits they can bring…!

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